About Us

Get to know more about our story, values, and services.

mytripology is a full-service tourism company that serves as a bridge for people to travel with comfort and safety.

From day one, mytripology believes in two things that matter the most in the company. First, mytripology always handpicked and curate all of the trips based on a deep understanding of the destination. Another thing, the company's objective has always been to be able to give a stress-free approach to planning the perfect trip. 

Furthermore, mytripology aims to create a new standard in the travel industry through flexibility and assistance. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind journey that suits your needs perfectly with the help of our Travel Designers. Followed by the complete assistance of our Travel Assistants from start to finish.

Our History

This is the story of where we begin.


Worthwhile Wonders

While continuously improving, mytripology launched its very own website and added new destinations to enhance customers’ experiences. To this day, it is our priority to provide customers with the best services and qualities in every way.

Unfold the World

mytripology had six main destinations: Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Thailand, UAE, and Maldives. Although this year also marked the beginning of pandemic outbreak, it didn’t discourage us to keep on evolving and progressing throughout the year.

New Beginning

Started the first development of mytripology, in order to create a new standard in travel industry. We want to serve directly to customers and become an independent company, which provides inbound and outbound travel; and global experiences for people to explore the world easily.

Where It All Began

It all started in 2015, with the establishment of True Indonesia; a B2B tailor-made trips mainly for Italian and American markets coming to Indonesia. True Indonesia was founded through the experience of Mr. David Ricci, an Italian citizen who has been living in Indonesia for over twenty years. With the help of his wife, Mrs. Rachel Anatola, the tour offers reliability, safety and satisfaction.

Our Value

Our values run through every aspects of the business. These values define our cultures, characters, and guide us to further achieve our goals.


Having a deep understanding and knowledge in everything that mytripology do.


mytripology values relationship and collaboration; whether in the company, with our clients, and also our partners.


mytripology strives to keep our commitments and words.

Our Services

Sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered. mytripology offers you the flexibility to design your own trip, with a team of experts that guides and assist you along the way.


Take a mini quiz

Fill in your name, date of travel, interest, etc.

Expect a response

Our Travel Designer will reach out to you with an itinerary, based on your quiz result.

Let's discuss!

Join the conversation with our Travel Designer to adjust the itinerary according to your personal preference.


One step closer to your getaway! Once everything is finalized, you are good to go.

Customer service

You will be assisted from the minute you book until the end of your journey.

Our Cultures

Our cultures simply can be described as the shared foundation of mytripology.

Collective Visions and Purposes

With positive team dynamics, mytripology thrive to deliver excellence and move toward the goals.

Self-motivated Environment

A dedicated and high-performing team that aspires to give the best.

Easy & Flexible Workspace

mytripology aims to achieve work-life balance with effective daily communications.

Inspiring and Supportive

Teamwork-oriented fused with positivity, trust, and genuine care to employees and customers.