01 September 2021

After nearly two years of travel restrictions and postponed plans, things are finally looking up. With vaccines rolling out every day, the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is getting nearer. Travel experts believe that the world will slowly start to open up again. But some countries might start loosening restrictions faster than others. By now, everyone has adapted to the new normal. Airlines, accommodations, and tourist attractions have strong guidelines that prioritise safety for travelers. Before you embark on your next luxury travel trip, mytripology has summarised trends and places to go to in 2022.

Travel To the Great Outdoors

In the wake of COVID-19, more people are looking for vacations to the great outdoors. Perhaps it's the longing to see nature’s beauty after being cooped up in our homes, or maybe just looking for someplace with plenty of room for social distancing. Those are valid reasons to start travelling to beautiful places and ticking off your bucket list. mytripology suggests heading to the Maldives, New Zealand, Greece, or Iceland to get your much-needed nature fix. 

Luxury Staycations

With the uncertainty of international travel, some folks might prefer a brief escape in the form of luxurious staycations. In fact, many of those working from home are opting to go on a staycation—while still working—for a change of scenery and stress relief. Various hotels and accommodations are promoting staycation packages throughout 2021. We expect this trend to continue well into 2022. Head to a resort near you and enjoy a luxury travel experience close to home. 

Multigenerational Trips

The pandemic has managed to keep generations of families apart. As soon as the restrictions lift, many will want to see their families and spend some long-overdue quality time. Due to this reason, we predict an increase in multigenerational travel, where grandparents, parents, and children all go on a holiday together. A family holiday is the perfect chance to bond and make up for lost time. Wherever you choose to go—whether it’s to an exotic safari, a swanky resort, or a cruise in the Mediterranean—the trip would be a memorable one when you’re all together. 

Wellness Retreat

These past two years have been stressful in more ways than one. It’s only natural to crave a holiday that rejuvenates the soul. 2022 is the year of self-care and prioritising our wellbeing. As such, many will flock to places offering a sense of calm and relaxation. Some of our recommendations would be to unwind in a Japanese onsen, enjoy the traditional spa therapy in a Bali resort, or travel to Italy to sip wine in style. After all, luxury travel is the key to relaxation. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

While some might be itching to visit new beautiful places as soon as possible, there is also a rise of interest in going back to old favourites. There is a sentimental charm in places where you once made happy memories. Maybe you just want to reminisce, or maybe you want to travel with friends and family to experience the destination in new ways. Even in tried and true places, you can always make new memories and discover fresh, unique experiences.

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