Traditional Villages in Flores

01 July 2022

Flores is the most fascinating and stunning island In East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. When you start exploring the island, it becomes clear why Flores got its name from the Portuguese word for "flowers"— the rice fields' lush greenery and brilliant colors stand out. Visit traditional villages in Flores with their natural beauty and unique culture. Enjoy a new experience by getting to know the customs and characters of the people.

Bena Traditional Village


The traditional megalithic village of Bena is situated in the Flores NTT region's Aimere District of Ngada Regency. The ambiance of Bena Village is charming and unusual because of its hilltop location with Mount Inerie in the background. Bena Village currently comprises about 45 dwellings that are close to one another and are inhabited by 9 tribes. On a ridge, two rows of homes with tall thatched roofs can be seen. They are dotted with ancestor totems like megalithic graves, ngadhu (structures resembling thatched parasols), and bhaga (miniature thatched-roof houses).

Wae Rebo Village

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Wae Rebo, a traditional village at an elevation of 1100 meters, is another example of how the island's history is represented. One thousand two hundred people live in Wae Rebo, surrounded by mountains and a lush jungle. The buildings in Wae Rebo resemble the huge conical hats that laborers in the rice terraces typically wear. These so-called Mbaru Niang dwellings are five stories tall, covered with leaves, and measure 15 meters. Every floor has a distinct purpose.

Wologai Traditional VIllage


Wologai is a traditional village in the Ende Lio region of East Nusa Tenggara, specifically in the Detusoko sub-district. About 1,045 meters above sea level, this traditional village has been inhabited for 800 years. There are 18 structures in Wologai Traditional Village, including five tribal homes and a sizable home. They keep tribal heirlooms and artifacts at the tribal house. In the Wologai traditional village, farmers make up most of the population. They farm the tribal land area to provide for their food and clothing needs and help their kids attend school.

Saga Traditional Village



This traditional village doesn't get as many tourists as the others since it is built on various levels into a hillside. The traditional Saga village is situated on the tallest hill at the southernmost point of Saga Settlement. There used to be a large population living in this traditional village. The village has a hilly landscape. From a philosophical perspective, you can compare a portion of the human body to the shape of this structure.

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