Enchanting Destination in Pattaya

22 April 2022

Soak in the charm of one of the most enchanting destinations in Thailand. Pattaya is a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast known as the “Hawaii of the East” for its abundant sunshine, beautiful beaches, and delectable seafood. It is also a center for heavy industries and production units. From visiting Khram Island to enjoying the Kaan Show, Pattaya has many activities to get involved in that it is impossible to get bored. Discover nature, art, science, and culture in ways you never thought possible. The raw beauty of the rainforest canopy or the sparkle and glamour of the cabaret stage are both available to you.

Koh Khram Yai Island

Ko Khram Yai is a 24 km south-southwest of Pattaya island in Bangkok Bay, and it is the largest of Thailand's eastern seaboard islands. There is a lot of beauty in Koh Khram Yai, and it is a beautiful day trip spot with stunning coves, deserted white-sand beaches, and bays. Traveling around the island makes you feel like you're on a Robinson Crusoe journey.

There are two beaches where snorkelers can enjoy beautiful seas and fascinating reefs on the island. These and adjacent Khram Yai beaches are also sea turtle conservation sites protected by the Royal Thai Navy. On Khram Yai, all beaches have excellent powder-white, silky sand. Quite a step up from the other islands in the Pattaya area. Dive into waters near Khram Yai and Khram Noi with corals and sea creatures.

Nong Nooch

The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is in Thailand's Chonburi Province. The garden is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, and it may be reached by bus, taxi, or private transportation. Religious ceremonies, martial arts displays, massages, and elephant performances are available in addition to the beautiful wildlife.

After Pisit and Nongnooch Tansacha purchased the 600-acre tract in 1954, the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden was established in the late 20th century. Initially, the idea was to build fruit plantations. Still, the two owners changed their minds and opted to utilize the area to grow tropical plants as part of a wildlife conservation initiative. In 1980, they finally opened the garden to the public.

Pattaya Elephant Village

You can spend time with an elephant at Pattaya's Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Their modest elephant village in Pattaya is an example of how they promote elephant caring that is both sustainable and ethical. Their professional English-speaking advisors educate tourists about the elephants' behavior and personal history, while their mahouts assist guests in obtaining unforgettable life experiences such as bathing elephants or hand-feeding them.

It began as a joint initiative between members of the Karen hill tribes of Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai locals concerned about elephant welfare in Thailand in July 2014. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, which has facilities in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, and Pattaya, is home to over a hundred formerly abused elephants who are now free to enjoy their lives.

Khao Chi Chan

Buddha Mountain is undoubtedly Pattaya's most beautiful religious icon. The northern face of Khao Chi Chan bears a depiction of Buddha sitting cross-legged with one hand on his knee and the other in his lap.

Khao Chi Chan is well-known for having a massive sculptural figure of Lord Buddha constructed on a cliff. It was created in 1995 on the orders of the formerly Supreme Patriarch, who felt it was a waste to let these marble mountains be destroyed. Therefore he ordered the gigantic Buddha image to be built on the cliff already cut in half. It was also constructed to commemorate His Majesty King Bhumibol's Golden Jubilee.

Kaan Show

In a live cinematic show, learn about Thailand's famous literary works. Enjoy the thrills of a stunning live performance and cinema combination while learning about Thai mythology and folklore. The KAAN Show in Pattaya is a revolutionary live-action/cinema combination. The 75-minute stage play, powered by world-class technology, offers a story inspired by classic Thai literature and is the first of its type in the Thai entertainment business. It has an incredible cast and crew of over 600 creative experts that work on projects for years. There are four sitting zones in the theater, each unique viewing experience.

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